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Horacio Herrera


Where did I start

I start my development and digital career studying digital design. after taking a couple of programming classes I realize that code is what I wanted to be doing, so I start learning by myself. I eventually became good at writing CSS and that's how I got my first development job as a Junior frontend developer.

because of my hybrid background, I always got stock between designers and developers, and what I end up doing in almost all the companies I worked with was helping both designers and developers understand more the other side, I think this is critical for a product team to become successful.


After a couple of years working in companies I decided to risk myself and go do freelancing. I got the oportunity to help and build multiple types of websites and products, and help in almost all phases of the product creation, from start to finish.


in 2017 I met Alex and he gave me the oportunity to start teaching to other developers about React, Redux, GraphQl and React Native in his company React GraphQl Academy. I can confirm, teaching is one of my personal revelations or the year. I couldn't imagine how much I enjoy teaching and help other learn new technologies and techniques.

Teaching is one of the best ways to learn, because it forces you to deep dive into the topic in hand to a high level of understanding.

My recommendation for you is that you should try to teach, it does not have to be in a class, it can be to your colleague, online or wherever you feel confortable. Trust me, it will save you a ton of time.

Now I'm not only teaching onsite with React GraphQL Academy, but also online on Twitch (and here's my another revelation for me 😬)

What I'm doing now?

well, starting 2020 I'm working on my first startup: Mintter. Is a publishing platform that works on top of Bitcoin ⚡️.

I'm super excited about this because involves so many new technologies and I'm very sure things like Mintter will change the way we use internet and Digital Knowledge.

You can find me in the internets on twitter, twitch, youtube, github, dribbble & codesandbox. You can also send me an email if you prefer.

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