Creation collection with Tomasz (zoom call)

  • start creating notes

  • helps to keep you from going to wide of to deep

  • 40+ lessons into collections could indicate you are doing 2 collections

  • Every lesson should be possible to watch independently

  • plan lessons in a way that the order make sense (kinda obvious)

  • are collections ever finished?

    • He does not think they have an end, but that is contradictory to the 40+ lessons statement
  • collections are lessons that the idea is connected with one another

    • not sure if I understand this one...
  • types of collections

    • Ever-Growing list (Svelte version)
      • started with 4 and now is 20+
      • Ideas on my head published into egghead
    • Not-so-Ever-Growing list (Cypress collection)
      • it involved some planning
      • clear view of what you want to cover
  • Tomasz is doing collections using both types

  • re-watch your videos can help you get ideas for more lessons even in between others

  • share content more than once is important to reach more people

  • engage with conversations about the content you created

  • Tweet-Every-lesson strategy

    • Twitter threads explaining a little more about them
  • progressive summarization! (see references)

  • try to start with the end of a collection and go backwards

  • Tips for first-timers

    • your first collection does not need to be your best topic/more advanced one. It could be something simple
    • define if you want to go Wide or Deep, try not to do both
    • Your collection does not have to be finished before you publish. WIP is better than nothing
      • you can get people feedback and adjust/add the next lessons
  • if you go wide but want to go deeper into a topic, treat it as a separate collection

    • you can link your deeper collection into your wider collection lesson!
  • create content the way you like to consume it and would be useful to you

  • optimizing for bordem

    • is better to make some people borded for a couple of seconds, than having people confused and not know about a topic/idea.
  • 45secs in an Egghead video is an Eternity! 😂

Egghead collections


  • "A collection is a playlist of videos that can share a common theme and be shared and promoted to your audience."
  • planning and collaboration is not required for collections (as opposed to Courses)
  • "A collection of lessons is a great place to experiment and create content without a lot of friction to the process. This can give you the freedom to explore ideas and subjects that you find interesting and useful."


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