Record Badass Screencasts for

Pick a Lesson Title

  • "How do I" approach
  • asking this before the title, let the user know exactly what they are getting out of it

Teach Step-by-Step

  • separate your lesson into steps.
  • you don't have to be explicit by saying the steps, but it also can help you as a guidance while recording

Show first, then maybe explain

  • Show exactly WHAT to do, then explain if necessary.
  • Often times the previous explanation ends being unnecessary. Explain after you show.

Remove Distractions

  • take out all distractions from your screen
  • I do have a separate VSCode settings when teaching
  • you can also use to clean your prompt
  • use split screen and make your editor take out most of the space and the browser the remaining.
  • setup a high-contrast theme in your code editor.
  • Bump up the font size on both the browser (demo) and your editor

Avoid Intros and Outros

  • "Just start doing it".
  • Use the Lesson description for Intro.
  • avoid exits, and mention "the next lesson"
  • It's all about respecting your audience, and not wasting their time

Stay on Topic

  • Avoid explanations of things that are not related to the actual topic.
  • Anything that deveates from your lesson title should not be disclose, remember that you can do extra lessons on those other topics

Guide their Eyes

  • Help the user follow along.
  • walk-through the flow of the app
  • Highlight what you are explaining
  • if you change file or change context, be very explicit of the change.

Prepare to Record - Screen Resolution and Mic check

  • before recording, make sure:
    • screen resolution is 1280x720 hidp
    • mic has good levels

Record One thought at a time

  • Just press record
  • anything can happen, but you are recording so you can record again.
  • relax and go thought by thought.
  • use as many takes as you want!
  • take your time. stop, think, record. Rinse & repeat
  • remember you can EDIT. don't worry about mistakes, you can cut them out later.

Horacio's Tip: when I record a take that I like, I "clap" at the end of it. That helps me reduce time editing, because I can go to the audio high picks and cut that part without the need of listening the whole record again

Edit with Ripple Delete

  • delete all the bad parts and keep the good parts.
  • ctrl + T to Ripple delete in Screenflow
  • in iMovie is cmd + B to cut a take and then select and delete the bad parts

Reformat code to fit Screen

  • you can change the column width in your code editor to avoid having code that overflows your screen.
  • Prettier helps a lot with this lately
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