How to cure writer's block

  • three strategies
    • gather supplies
    • Talk it out
    • Start with abundance

Gather supplies

  • instead of writing essays, write phrases
  • Writing more about your experiences, thoughts and ideas can have long-term benefits
  • The mind works by association, "the mind looks for trails of thought, and once they find one, good ideas create more good ideas."
  • "If I save three ideas per day, I’ll have 1,000 by the end of the year."

Talk it out

  • "Speaking with smart people is a guaranteed way to unlock creative inspiration, and when the conversation is over, I write new ideas down."
  • best ideas grow in conversation, not in isolation
  • find the perfect balance for you between spending time away from the keyboard and writing.

Start with abundance

  • start writing when it's impossible not to write, don't start with a blank page
  • write with your notes visible and available, that way whenever you feel blank, you can get inspiration and ideas from your notes
  • Sebastian Junger once wrote: "If you have writer’s block, you don’t have enough ammunition."
  • "Instead of creating new information, you organize the information you already have"

  • Don't try to be creative at your computer
  • use your environment, experiences and conversations into a pile of notes/phrases/thoughts
  • Start writing when you have plenty of information in your notes
  • And you just make writer's block a thing of the past
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