Tips & Tricks

  • stick to a calendar (example: Monday, wednesday & friday)
  • You don't grow while you are
  • Not recommended to stream daily: if you stream 3 days/week, you can create YT videos on the other days to get discovered!
  • Networking should not be your top priority
  • wait to talk to companies until you "earn it"
  • shortcuts will hurt you
  • Don't neglect just chatting: This is how you start building relationships with your viewers
  • The benefit of a Giveaway when oyu are new are very little compared to invest that time on improving your stream quality (get better gear, get better overlays...)
  • start a youtube channel. Do not reupload your VOD to it, create a BRAND NEW content related to your twitch streams
  • DO NOT do follow-for-follow


  • add transitions when you change your scenes
  • use Streamlabs OBS or OBS to stream
  • you can use either Streamlabs or StreamElements as your chatbot/overlays software
  • if you want to show a tweet source on stream
  • setup your Desktop audio + mic as a source on Streamlabs OBS:


  • order you should get gear: Camera, Mic, Lights & Overlays
  • a 50$ camera + a 50$ light will look 100x better than a 1k\$ camera with NO light
  • try to put your camera to the side of your display. having the camera on top of it makes it feel more awkward


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