Stale Plugins Notes

  • the new version (0.60+) has a common transforms methods that are super neat!
  • each element has a defaults object, where all the default config is set. also it provides a function where you can override those defaults (for now only the type I guess) on each component plugin (search for setDefaults)
  • use editor.selection?.focus to check the end part of the selection

Instructions to implement a plugin

  • TODO

Helper methods

  • Editor.parent(editor, path): returns [node, path] of the parent node. this is how in the list onKeyDown function gets the list node to perform operations on it (moveUp, moveDown)
  • isBlockAboveEmpty: check if block above is empty. is uses getBlockAbove and isAncestorEmpty
  • getBlockAbove: Editor.above wrapper. it uses Editor.isBlock internally
  • isAncestorEmpty: Check it Node.string is empty and if there's no inline children (using Element.isInline)
  • isSelectionAtBlockStart: uses getBlockAbove and isStart to check it
  • isStart: compare a point with a path using Editor.isStart



  • its used only to handle the tab key
  • store moved as variable to check ??
  • check it the key pressed is the Tab
  • if selection is inside a list item (using isSelectionInListItem)
  • check if the shift key was pressed too. if so, it calls moveListItemUp
  • check if the list item is not the first one, and then call moveListItemDown
  • it does not let the first item to move dowm, because... what's the point of having a nested list without parent??


  • it traverse up all the node parents and return listNode, listPath, listItemNode & listItemPath
  • it can return undefined if the selection is not inside a listItem


  • return if parent is a listItem
  • set the nextListItemPath
  • move ListItemPath to the newListItemPath
  • Move the siblings below to a new list
    • this will iterate over all the list item siblings below the current one
    • and move then to the new listPath


  • it overrides insertBreak and deleteBackward
  • both use moveListItemUp to transform whatever it needs to...


  • creates a new item in the list if the current selection is in a non-empty list item

  • if the current selection is in an empty list item

    • it will unwrap it
    • it will create a new list below and add all the list item siblings if any (actually, it creates the list anyway, but check later if there was no list items below)
    • very interesting way of the onKeyDownResetBlockType inside of it :) (it handles all the list item deletion)


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