• is a friendly interface backed by an ecosystem of plugins built for creating and manipulating content.
  • takes data in different formats, and translate them into structured data1
  • usified is a chain of processes, with many plugins you can connect with
  • no manual parsing or syntax handling

Three part act

  • Parse: any input needs to be parsed to a workable format (mdast, hast...)2
  • Transform: all the magic happens here. here's where all the plugins transform the input depending on the order too.
  • Stringify: take the formatted content and stringify it to Markdown, HTML or prose.

Using unified

  • check repo for the example: https://github.com/horacioh/unified-intro
  • in this example we will learn how to turn Markdown into HTML.
  • for that we need a Markdown parser (remark-parse) and an HTML stringifier (rehype-stringify)
  • to transform between Markdown and HTML we need remark-rehype
  • to glue all and stream it, we are going to use unified.
  • you have a bunch of plugins available to work with content (that's COOL)
  • Note that remark plugins work on a Markdown tree, and rehype plugins work on an HTML tree. It’s important that you place your .use calls in the correct places.
  • I use the remark-heading-id plugin to enable custom heading links on the HTML result (❤️)

Questions and comments

  1. are all transformation following the same structure? (HTML -> structure1 ; MD -> structure2 ; structure1 === structure 2 ?)
  2. (https://github.com/syntax-tree)
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