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Horacio Herrera

Setup your Macbook using dotfiles

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TLDR: Here's the repo I create where is everything for you to check out.

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

A couple of days back, I got a new macbook pro 16" 🎉. Few months back I saw some people sharing their dotfiles and I was curious.

dotfiles are basically a set of configurations we as developers use in order to configure our machines the way we like.

one thing that I was not aware was that you can actually create a executable file with a bunch of commands to not only change configurations, but also Install apps!. I went to the internets and find a couple examples like Roberttables's (David Poindexter) and Kent's (Kent C. Dodds). It's a common practice, you can find in github a lot of examples

Here's what I end up using 👉

For now is a little disorganize, but this files helped me setup my new maching is a lot less time than I thought. Just count the time you waste going to an app's website, download the .dmg, go through the wizard, delete the .dmg and another extra stuff you might need to do; compared to just tun one simple command. For example, if you want to install Notion, you only need to run:

1brew cask install notion

That's it, nothing else... isn't it that cool???

Go and check my dotfiles and let me know any questions you may have. I promise I will organize it similar to how Roberttables did it (he is the best!!)

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